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When I finally decided I had enough of doing just financials-30 years, I set my heart on getting my crafting going. I feel that creating something gives your head room to breathe and enjoy the world around us. My dear sweet husband is always on hand to cut me some “planky thingies” for my crafts and my wonderful four sons are almost at the point where they can cook for me (smile).

So I have started dedicating some time to myself and my arts. I would like to share my love of some media I use by offering workshops for those wanting to make something without having to buy all the goods for a one-off project. (But if you need to buy, that can be arranged too)

I am an absolute Powertex fanatic, I love the media and all you can create with it. I do want to share this phenomenon with others and the joy of using this product to make things I love. I am still finding more and more ways to use the Powertex range, and just love the finished products.

My idea is simple, come and have a fun filled time making & creating and mingling with like minded people. I believe in all of us exists a budding artist of sorts, and we are each so unique it flows through to what we create.

I am offering creative time-out for those who are brave enough to take the plunge and just make something.

My motto: Dust off the ”cobwebbs” and get crafting.

Please contact me if you are interested in joining a workshop, there are half day, full day and two day workshops for various projects. Send me an email if you would like to get my quarterly newsletter on Powertex Products and workshops.

Have a creative day.



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